Registration Terms of Agreement
Please read this form in its entirety
Your registration with TAFA will be your consent and agreement to these terms

Registration Procedure
Registration for the school year will begin in the Spring or Summer and continue through the first day of class. 
A 25% down payment of the first semester is required at the time of registration.

All classes are offered for two-semesters. Each semester includes 15 weeks. 
The classes start fall semester (August) and continues through the spring semester (May). 
The TAFA catalog (see website at lists all classes as either a one-semester class commitment or two-semester class commitment.  
One semester class commitment means that you have the opportunity to drop that class (if you choose not to remain in that class for the second semester)
 in December during Drop Week without a financial penalty or to prevent an automatic re-enrollment in the Spring Semester. 

Two-semester class commitment means you are committed for two semesters with a two-semester financial obligation. There will be no reimbursements.

Payment Plans & Fees
The listed cost of a class includes two semesters. We provide three payment options. 
1. You may pay in full for the year 
2. Pay by semester (2 payments)
3. Pay by the Installment Plan – There is a $20 fee per student per year for this plan. Your total will be broken down into 8 equal payments. 
The payments will be withdrawn from your account on designated dates, see your online account for those installment dates. Once the installment
is selected, it cannot be changed. You can pay in advance if you choose to prepay, but the installment fees will remain.

Payment Miscalculations
Any financial miscalculations  that would require reimbursements from TAFA to the customer will be made either by a credit applied directly 
to the credit card that was used for the transaction or to the customers account as future credit. 
Any financial miscalculations that would require additional funds to TAFA will be placed on the account in the next installment owed. If no 
installments are owed, the customer will be contacted to reconcile the balance.

Registration Fees:
Facility Fee – 12% added to your registration. This fee covers a portion of the contractual obligation for the facilities we use. 
This fee is required for all classes and lessons by zoom or in-person.

Registration Fee - $30 per student – This fee covers a portion of administrative costs such as online registration platform, 
processing fees, insurance, administrative equipment, salaries, accounting software, audits, etc.

Drop Fee Schedule
A non-refundable 25% semester deposit is required at the time of enrollment
All refunds have an additional non-refundable 3% card processing fee.
Classes or lessons dropped after Fall Orientation will have a 50% non-refundable fee.
Classes or lessons dropped after the first day of class will not be refunded.
Future installment payments will be charged at the time of the dropped classes.
Classes with a two-semester financial obligation must be paid even if class is dropped in the fall.

Drop Week for Spring Semester
Classes with a one semester obligation must be dropped on December 6th or 7th to avoid automatic re-enrollment and fees for the Spring Semester.
Classes with a two-semester financial obligation must be paid even if the class is dropped in the fall
Room Usage Rules
Unauthorized occupancy (defined as entering the room) of rooms by TAFA Students or Families will result in a $75 per (per instance) room cleaning fee.

Students must be certain they are signing up for classes where they meet the age requirements for the class. 
Students must be the listed age of the class by the first day of class.
If a student signs up for a class without permission and does not meet the age requirement, they will be removed from the class without reimbursement.

TAFA Student/Parent Handbook Rules
Parents and students (age 12-18) must read and agree to follow the Student/Parent Handbook rules found on the TAFA website at

Parental Agreement & Consent
By choosing to register with TAFA you give your consent and agreement to the above financial obligations and the TAFA Student/Parent Handbook rules.

I, as a parent/guardian of the registered student(s) release Travis Academy of Fine Arts, its agents, and employees from any claims 
or causes of action arising from or connected with transportation to and from, and attendance at Travis Academy of Fine Arts for 2022/2023 school year. 
I further agree that TAFA, its agents, or employees are authorized to provide such medical treatment as may be necessary, in their judgement, 
during such transportation or encampment. I give my permission and consent to TAFA for any photograph, videotapes, and interviews to be taken 
during any TAFA class or TAFA activity to be published and used to illustrate the programs at TAFA.